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Mike Dipollino in the Westerley Sun

Westerley Sun: SUPER SOUPY – Mike Dipollino, of Dipper’s Packing Co. in Westerly, has outdone himself with the creation of a 7-foot-7-inch soupy, a dry, cured sausage. The tradition of soupy was brought to Westerly by Italians from the Calabria section of southern Italy.




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Dipollino’s “SUPRI” Sopressata is made the old fashion way, the same way our Grandparents and Mothers made it in Italy over a century ago. We DO NOT use preservatives or starter cultures (nitrites/nitrates) in our product.

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Sopressata is a dry cured sausage that is classified as “Salami” by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Dipollino’s “SUPRI” Sopressata is a 100% Pork product. We pride ourselves in using the leanest and freshest Pork available.

Westerly, Rhode Island “SUPRI” is basically different from most of the Sopressata made in America today. In Westerly almost 100% of the Sopressata that is made contains Paprika. Some people think that it is for color but Paprika is a spice that adds flavor to our Sopressata.

Our “SUPRI” is a minimum of 90% Fat Free. This fat content test is also done at the Lab. We test every batch that is made and the highest fat content recorded over a ten year period is 9.52%, which makes our product slightly over the 90% that we advertise our “SUPRI” to be.

Dipollino's Supri Sopressata Video
Video: How Sopressata is made

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